Composed by Ariel Contreras-Esquivel.

Music label Materia Collective has released the soundtrack to 3D brawler Teratopia on major digital platforms.

The game’s soundtrack, composed by Ariel Contreras-Esquivel (Blue Rider, Mushroom Guardian, and Blue Fire), comprises 23 tracks of music that range from chirpy, orchestral compositions to energetic, big band-style pieces.

“This album mixes traditional music from different parts of the world, played by musicians specialized in such styles,” explained Contreras-Esquivel via a press release. “The listener can find a track containing Tango, Gipsy, Balcan, Jazz, and Rock at the same time mixed with love and humor.”

The Teratopia soundtrack can be purchased from Bandcamp and iTunes, and can also be streamed from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, and YouTube Music.

Materia Collective has uploaded a behind-the-scenes video to its YouTube channel (embedded below) which takes a brief look at the recording sessions for the game’s soundtrack.

Teratopia is developed by Ravegan and available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows. A release for Nintendo Switch is also coming soon.