Rock Band Rivals Season 21 starts this week.

This week’s downloadable content update for Rock Band 4 features the music of progressive metal band After the Burial and pop trio AJR.

The following songs will be available from 25th March:

  • After the Burial – “Aspiration”
  • AJR – “Way Less Sad”

Tracks can be bought individually from the Rock Band Music Store.

The descriptions below are taken from this week’s release notes:

After The Burial released their second album, Rareform, in July 2008 and a re-release of the album was made available in September 2009. “Aspiration” hails as the fifth track and delivers on that iconic heavy, progressive sound. Guitarists and drummers will have a blast mastering “Aspiration” starting this Thursday.

We’re no strangers to AJR, and continually impressed by the music the brothers create from their New York City living room. “Way Less Sad” is their most recent single which will appear on their upcoming fourth album, OK ORCHESTRA, which releases this Friday (3/26)! The song is a hopeful tune of celebrating the small wins when everything has looked so bleak for so long. We love the message. Get ready to get up and dance, this bouncy, uplifting song will make you want to sing along.

For a better look at the songs’ pacing and structure, watch the latest DLC trailer embedded below).

Season 21 of Rock Band Rivals starts this week and Harmonix has posted a synopsis of what players can expect from this season, dubbed “Player’s Guide”.

Rock Band 4 is developed and published by Harmonix for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.