Multi-disc soundtrack box set releasing on 29th April.

Manufacturer City Connection Co. has revealed the tracklisting for the upcoming R-Type multi-CD soundtrack box set.

The R-Type Original Sound Box comprises 10 CDs which contain music from the long-running R-Type shoot ’em up series. Music tracks from various instalments in the series include those released for the arcade machines, Super Nintendo, PlayStation, PlayStation Portable, and the Game Boy – such as R-Type, R-Type II, R-Type Tactics, and Armed Police Unit Gallop.

This R-Type 10-CD box set comes with a booklet and a special outer box. A download code for high-quality sound files is also included.

Reservations for this box set are available from music label Clarice Discs’ online store ahead of its release on 29th April.

The product page has the full tracklisting as well as a message from R-Type series graphic designer Akio.