The electronic soundtracks to both Tekken games can be pre-ordered now.

Music label Laced Records is continuing its output of Tekken soundtracks on vinyl with the latest additions to the fighting series line of releases being Tekken Tag Tournament and Tekken 4.

The Tekken Tag Tournament 3xLP album consists of 48 tracks of music composed by Akitaka Tohyama, Keiichi Okabe, Nobuyoshi Sano, Rio Hamamoto, Yoshihito Yano, and Satoru Kosaki.

The triple-vinyl soundtrack comprises music from the arcade and PlayStation 2 iterations of the game pressed on three 180g vinyl discs. The album’s tracklisting has been curated by record-holding professional gamer Ryan Hart. This release features album artwork by Samuel Donato (also known as DXSinfinite).

This Tekken Tag Tournament album can be pre-ordered now in two variants: standard black vinyl and a limited edition comprising cream, pink, and grey coloured vinyl discs.

The Tekken 4 2xLP album comprises 35 tracks of music composed, once again, by Tohyama, Miyake, Kosaki, along with Hiroshi Okubo and Keiki Kobayashi.

The double-vinyl soundtrack features music from the arcade and PlayStation 2 versions of the game and is also curated by the aforementioned Hart.

This 2xLP release is pressed on two 180g vinyl discs; the standard edition is on black vinyl discs whereas the limited edition is on two coloured discs: one blue and the other yellow.

Both soundtracks can be pre-ordered now from the Laced Records online store with shipping expected in July. The limited editions are exclusive to Laced Records.

Laced Records has previously released the vinyl soundtracks to Tekken and Tekken 2 as double-vinyl albums as well as Tekken 3 as a quad-vinyl album; both releases also had standard and limited editions.

The music label plans to release nine Tekken soundtracks on vinyl – the seven main, numbered entries in the series and the two Tag Tournament spin-off titles.