Composed by M.R. Miller.

The soundtrack to 2D puzzle-platformer Evergate is out now and available from major digital platforms.

The game is developed by Stone Lantern Games and was successfully funded via a Kickstarter campaign. Evergate is a story about a lost soul named Ki; upon waking up in the afterlife, she must make her way back home on Earth by making sense of “her mysterious connection to a kindred spirit”.

Players are tasked with navigating through various memories as they attempt to reach the end point of each level. Afterlife abilities include the slowing down of time and an aim-and-shoot Soulflame mechanic.

The soundtrack to Evergate is composed by M.R. Miller (composer of TV comedy series Bulge Bracket) and comprises 36 tracks, some of which are new arrangements and bonus tracks that didn’t make it into the game. Evergate’s music is inspired by the composer’s daughter; Miller wrote a lullaby for the newborn which ultimately became the main theme for Ki and the foundation for the game’s original score.

The score features the performances of string orchestra FAME’S Project and live musicians on instruments including the electroacoustic harp, guzheng, and the liuqin. Tracks also feature a female choir and Inuit throat singing.

Evergate’s orchestral soundtrack is available now for purchase from Bandcamp and iTunes; the album can also be streamed from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, YouTube, and YouTube Music.

The game is available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X (and Xbox One via backwards compatibility), and Windows.