An interactive visual and auditory experience developed by Brainwash Gang.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, interactive visual and auditory experience The Longest Road on Earth reached its funding goal and recently announced that Raw Fury will be publishing the game.

The game is created by Brainwash Gang – a four-person team of developers based in Spain. The studio describes the overall tone of the game as “being based on total neutrality and the lack of text” with a focus on the small things in life. This ambiguous and minimalistic approach is designed to allow the player to interpret the contents of the game in different ways.

The Longest Road on Earth has a greyscale, pixel art style and to complement the game’s visual presentation, studio member and singer-songwriter Beícoli has written a mellow and downtempo soundtrack with emotive and melancholic vocals.

The experience is split into four chapters that deal with “everyday life moments, memories and perceptions of different people throughout the world”. The four main characters will be connected to some extent though that connection could be as simple as the ordinary nature of their lives and existence.

The first chapter has been confirmed to have a soundtrack comprising six original tracks “with themes and lyrics that seek the serenity and simplicity of what is known by all of us”.

Serving as the game’s soft announcement, a trailer (embedded below) has been released which features some gameplay footage overlaid with an acoustic track with soft and uplifting vocals.

Gaming Audio News has heard a few other tracks that will be featured in the game and without revealing specific details, can say that the music for the most part has a calm and subdued feel to it. Where this deviates slightly is a particular song that starts off serene and tranquil until it gets overtaken by drumming that’s frantic yet controlled. It’s almost a metaphoric balance between light and darkness or order and chaos.

Certain pledges for the game’s Kickstarter campaign not only includes the digital soundtrack but also the game’s music on vinyl and concert tickets too.

The Longest Road on Earth is scheduled for release in 2021 with platforms to be finalised. For now, fans can add the game to their wishlist on Steam.