Audience members can make decisions during the live, interactive show.

Materia Collective has announced that Undertale LIVE, a live performance of Undertale arrangements, will air for free on streaming platform Twitch.

Music from the 2015 role-playing game, developed and composed by indie developer Toby Fox, will be reimagined using classical instruments and performed by chamber music group Fifth House Ensemble.

Undertale LIVE will be an interactive show wherein the audience will be able to make choices by voting to ‘slay or spare’ by texting in.

The performance will include in-game visuals, new versions of Undertale themes, and arrangements of unreleased tracks.

Undertale LIVE will take place at 19:30 CST on 21st November (01:30 GMT on 22nd November) and stream live on Twitch.

During and after the show, the Undertale LIVE digital album will be available for purchase; during this time, the CD variant of the album will be available to pre-order with a release scheduled for early 2021.

Update: the 60-track digital album can be purchased from the Undertale LIVE Bandcamp store whereas the 41-track CD variant can be pre-ordered with shipping expected in February 2021 (CD includes booklet and photos from the show).

Undertale LIVE is certainly the only album in which you’ll hear a French horn player imitating the sound of a ghost singing to itself,” said Fifth House Ensemble artistic director Dan Visconti. “Using classical instruments to reimagine this videogame fantasy world has led to some incredible creativity.”

Visconti added: “With so many exciting Undertale arrangements and covers in the aether, we wanted above all to contribute something distinctive – and to create a live touring event where fans could experience this music as part of the game’s story, participating in the narrative by voting to slay or spare via text message and driving to a different ending each night.”

Undertale is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Linux, macOS, and Windows.

This article was updated at 17:55 GMT on 21st November, 2020 to include the Bandcamp link to the digital and CD variants of the album.