The composer is contributing two exclusive tracks to Headup Games’ first in-house production.

Developer and publisher Headup Games has announced that composer Hiroki Kikuta is contributing a couple of exclusive tracks to upcoming multiplayer sandbox game Tinkertown‘s soundtrack.

Kikuta, perhaps best known for composing such games as Secret of Mana, Koudelka, and Last Labyrinth, has joined the development team behind Headup Games’ first in-house production along with freelance pixel artist Giuseppe Longo (Gunbrick Reloaded and The Escapists 2).

Longo has previously worked with Headup Games before creating pixel art for top-down shoot ’em up The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia.

“When the team of Tinkertown approached me with their request to contribute to the game, I was quickly sold on the idea,” said Kikuta via a press release. “It’s a cheerful take on 16-Bit RPG classics, transported into the modern sandbox genre. My soundtrack is designed to enhance this experience, lifting up the spirits of any adventurers setting foot into the lovely world of Tinkertown.”

Fans can listen to a sample of the “Forest Theme” (embedded below) which is currently a work in progress.

Hiroki Kikuta – “Forest Theme (WIP)”

Tinkertown is a drop-in multiplayer game in which a procedurally generated world can be explored by players as they keep themselves busy by building, crafting, and clearing dungeons while battling enemies and collecting combinable loot.

The game world features various biomes including forests, deserts, frozen tundras, and mountains with flowing lava rivers.

Players can choose their character class as well as the types of weapons and armour with which they want to equip themselves as they take on bosses deep within the dungeons.

Tinkertown is scheduled for an early access release on Windows this autumn while a demo is currently available from Steam.

An 11-minute gameplay video (embedded below) showcases the game’s pixel art style, user interface, as well as overground and underground locales.