38 tracks of music from a wide range of genres.

Action-adventure game Ray’s the Dead is out today and so too is its eclectic soundtrack.

The game was stuck in development for over seven years (more about the development issues and circumstances can be read here, courtesy of Ragtag Studio co-founder Chris Cobb) and alongside its launch today, music label Scarlet Moon Records has released the game’s soundtrack digitally.

The soundtrack to Ray’s the Dead comprises 38 tracks and clocks in at over two and a half hours of music ranging from electronica and rock to orchestral and synthwave.

Ray’s the Dead is composed by Dale North (Dreamscaper and Marble Knights), Jake Kaufman (Shantae: Half-Genie Hero and Mighty Switch Force! Academy), and Disasteradio.

The soundtrack also includes additional music by Beat Plastic, A Space Love Adventure, Andy Gillion, Jeff Jelen, Kirk Syrek, and SATORI IN BED.

“The Ray’s the Dead soundtrack is packed with kick-ass track after kick-ass track,” said Cobb via a press release. “I am blown away by how great it turned out. It has been an honor working with such great musicians. These wizards really brought Ray’s world to life!”

Ragtag Studio art director Matt Carter added: “We wanted to create a mix of music that captures the broad range of emotions that music of the 1980s can invoke in a listener, [whether] they are familiar to the genre or not.”

The soundtrack is available now from the Scarlet Moon Records Bandcamp page.

Ray’s the Dead is developed by Ragtag Studio and out now for PlayStation 4 and Windows.