Composed and produced by Eli Rainsberry.

The soundtrack to open-world puzzle-adventure game A Monster’s Expedition (Through Puzzling Exhibitions) is available now across digital platforms.

The album comprises 15 predominantly guitar tracks composed by Eli Rainsberry.

Rainsberry previously composed the soundtracks to dungeon crawler Hashtag Dungeon, puzzle game Wilmot’s Warehouse, and musical poetry game Bird Alone.

“[T]his is a slightly different sounding release to the last one,” Rainsberry explained. “A bit more guitar-based, with some inspiration from alternative, ambient and jazz-related things.”

The soundtrack to A Monster’s Expedition can be purchased from Bandcamp,, and iTunes; the album can also be streamed from services including Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.

A Monster’s Expedition is developed by Draknek & Friends and available now for macOS, Windows, and iOS devices via Apple Arcade.