Thesis Sahib composes an eclectic soundtrack for the platformer by Queen Bee Games.

Ahead of the launch of upcoming side-scrolling platformer Spinch, music label Materia Collective has released the game’s electronica soundtrack across major digital outlets.

Spinch’s soundtrack is composed by Thesis Sahib and consists of various electronic genres, from chiptune-style rhythms to synth-heavy beats.

“My goal for this album was to present several longer playing ‘song’ versions of each world, pause screens, bonus worlds and many of the sound effects that I initially created for the game SPINCH and for these to all work together to create a full album,” explained Sahib via a press release.

The album comprises 11 tracks of music and can be purchased from Bandcamp and iTunes. The Spinch soundtrack is also available to stream from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, and TIDAL.

Visual artist and musician Sahib commonly uses repurposed and modified items such as toys and hardware including Game Boys to create his compositions, and for the Spinch soundtrack, the approach was no different.

“The combination of unique audio textures and sound sources not normally used to create a song (circuit bent toys, found sounds, Game Boy) and the fact that the songs can stand alone as their own piece yet reference the full game makes this album different,” he explained.

Spinch is developed by Queen Bee Games and will be released on 3rd September for Nintendo Switch, macOS, and Windows.