Vinyl soundtrack limited to 500 copies.

Following the digital release of the soundtrack to narrative-driven ocean adventure game Beyond Blue, pre-orders for the 12″ vinyl edition are available now from Vinyl Me, Please.

The soundtrack has been pressed on a 180g ‘aqua blue and silver galaxy’ coloured vinyl disc and comprises 14 tracks:

* May not be included on the digital soundtrack depending on platform.

(The track order differs between the digital and vinyl releases.)

Only 500 copies of the 12″ vinyl soundtrack have been pressed and can be pre-ordered now from the Vinyl Me, Please online store. Shipping is expected in early October.

“The soundtrack is truly international, reflecting the diversity of the characters and the discovery, awe, and impermanence of the oceans,” said soundtrack executive producer Karyn Rachtman.

Her son and music coordinator, Otis Rachtman, added: “Besides complementing the visual splendor and action on screen, the music of Beyond Blue plays several roles, serving the story as well as the interactive and listening experience of the game. You can unlock access to certain songs at various levels and express yourself by your selections.”

The soundtrack is also available for purchase from iTunes and can be streamed from streaming services including Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, TIDAL, and YouTube Music.

Working with international ocean scientists gave the development team some insight into the importance of music to real-life expeditions.

“We learned from scientists how music was such a huge part of their expeditions, from listening on the ships to finding a playlist as they traveled to the bottom of the ocean in submarines,” said E-Line Media co-founder and CEO Michael Angst. “So we knew the music had to be special, interactive and an emotional experience for players.”

Beyond Blue is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, and Apple Arcade.