Album includes bonus tracks from the Star Soldier soundtrack.

The soundtracks to pinball game Alien Crush and its sequel Devil’s Crush are available now on vinyl in a variety of colourways.

Devil’s Crush & Alien Crush Soundtracks is an original release by Enjoy the Ride Records and comprises the soundtracks to the first two instalments in the Crush Pinball series developed by Compile for the TurboGrafx-16 – both composed by Toshiaki Sakoda (composer of M.U.S.H.A.: Metallic Uniframe Super Hybrid Armor).

As a bonus, the album also includes seven select tracks from the soundtrack to vertically scrolling shoot ’em up game Star Soldier as chosen by Sakoda.

The album features artwork by Cody Schibi.

Enjoy the Ride Records has this vinyl release in three different colourways. Although the ‘Alien Color in Color Splatter’ edition is sold out at the time of writing, the label still has limited copies of the ‘Solid Silverball’ and ‘Spinning Pinball’ variants in stock.

Devil's Crush & Alien Crush Soundtrack BSR variant
The ‘Teal with Pink Splatter’ colourway. Image credit: Black Screen Records.

Black Screen Records has copies of the album as a distributed title in an exclusive colourway: ‘Teal with Pink Splatter’. Only 150 copies are available and pre-orders can be placed now.