Album split into three volumes, available as an extended version on Bandcamp.

Today sees the launch of real-time tactics game Desperados III and releasing alongside it is the soundtrack composed by Filippo Beck Peccoz.

The Desperados III soundtrack features various acoustic instruments such as the guitar, harmonica, hurdy-gurdy, and the western classic trope of whistling.

The album also features performances by Sebastian Fillenberg on the fiddle and viola, Matthias Lindermayr on trumpet and cornet, Giuseppe Spanò on piano, and Ulrich Wangenheim on saxophone, bass clarinet, and alto flute.

The extended version of the soundtrack comprises 75 tracks and can be purchased and streamed from Peccoz’s Bandcamp.

Otherwise, the album is split into three volumes and can be purchased from Google Play and streamed from Amazon Music, Deezer, Spotify, and YouTube.

In the sixth and final developer diary for Desperados III, audio director and composer Peccoz talks about the conceptual and creative process that went into creating the western soundtrack.

“For Desperados [III], specifically, it took more than a month [of research] to really lock down what we wanted to have in terms of sound and instrumentation… ” he said.

Desperados III is developed by Mimimi Games, published by THQ Nordic, and out today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows.