Official playlist can be streamed from Spotify.

Developer Megapop has announced the line-up of artists who are contributing to the soundtrack to its upcoming player-versus-player deck-building game Haxity.

Ahead of Haxity’s early access release next week, the Norwegian studio has revealed that the game’s soundtrack comprises licensed music from an international roster of darksynth artists. (Darksynth is a darker subgenre of synthwave.)

The first wave of collaborators include Misanthropix from Brazil, CYBERTHING! from the United States of America, Occams Laser from the United Kingdom, Vector Seven from Germany, and Neon Ranger (also known as Titan Slayer) from Hungary.

“During the development of Haxity we read and watched a lot of the great classic cyberpunk fiction, but we also listened a lot to synthwave music for inspiration,” said Erlend Kirkebø, producer of Haxity. “At some point we asked: ‘What if we actually use the synthwave music we listen to, and actually try get music from some of these artists into our game?'”

The studio first got in touch with Misanthropix and tested his music in the game. After receiving strong feedback, Megapop reached out to other artists and decided the darksynth genre was a good fit for Haxity’s cyberpunk nature and combat elements of gameplay.

An official playlist of Haxity’s soundtrack has been compiled and is available to stream from Spotify (embedded below).

“The artists have all been amazing to work with, helpful and accommodating, and it seems everyone involved are really looking forward to seeing the reception when we release our game,” Kirkebø added.

Haxity will be released on 17th June for Windows via Steam Early Access. The announcement trailer (embedded below) includes gameplay footage and features the track “Hacking Protocol” by Neon Ranger.