Interactive graphic novel features an adaptive soundtrack.

French studio Nova-box – the developer behind narrative-driven games Along the Edge and Seers Isle – has announced its upcoming novel-sized adventure Across the Grooves is set for a digital release next month.

In Across the Grooves, players take on the role of a young woman named Alice as she lives out her normal life in Bordeaux, France. That normality is interrupted when her ex-boyfriend Ulysse sends her a vinyl record, to which she listens, but by doing so relives the events of her past. Upon returning to the present, Alice discovers reality has changed and in order to restore things back to how they were, she must travel across Europe, track down Ulysse, and find out the origins of the mysterious vinyl.

Decisions that players make will have a slight effect on the personality of Alice. As she embarks on a journey of self-discovery, players will be treading on multiple narrative paths with different endings.

The game is presented in a hand-painted art style and has an adaptive soundtrack that shifts according to the choices players make and the mood of the scenes.

Across the Grooves will be released on 17th June for Nintendo Switch (via the Nintendo eShop), Linux, macOS, and Windows.