Soundtrack composed by Masaya Matsuura and Laugh & Peace.

The soundtrack to the 1999 rhythm game Vib-Ribbon is getting released on vinyl with pre-orders available now from the Minimum Records online store.

Originally released for PlayStation, Vib-Ribbon was designed and composed by Masaya Matsuura whose development studio NanaOn-sha released numerous games in the rhythm genre or were music-themed, for example, the PaRappa the Rapper series, Um Jammer Lammy, and Musika.

The soundtrack to Vib-Ribbon is composed by Matsuura and Japanese pop band Laugh & Peace; it’s been pressed on 12″ white vinyl and contains 11 original tracks from the game as well as a never-before-released song called “Rainbow” performed by Laugh & Peace.

The album features artwork by graphic designer Anouvong Southiphong.

Pre-orders are available now from Minimum Records.