Five songs by the Japanese duo.

A new downloadable content update has been released for rhythm game DEEMO -Reborn- on PlayStation 4.

The EGOIST Special Selection DLC comprises five songs by Japanese music duo EGOIST and marks the rhythm game’s 13th update.

The following songs are available now for free until 19th April, after which the update will return to its regular price:

  • EGOIST – “All Alone With You”
  • EGOIST – “Planetes”
  • EGOIST – “Ghost of a Smile”
  • EGOIST – “Kimi Sora Kiseki”
  • EGOIST – “Departures”

All of the above tracks can be played in both controller and virtual reality modes.

With the addition of the aforementioned songs, DEEMO -Reborn- now has a total of 65 downloadable tracks, to date.

The DEEMO -Reborn- season pass does not include the EGOIST Special Selection so if fans are interested in this song pack, they have about a month left to take advantage of the limited-time free offer.

DEEMO -Reborn- is developed by Rayark Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 4 (with support for PlayStation VR).