Album’s opening 11-minute track can be streamed now.

Scarlet Moon Records has announced the soundtrack to indie action-adventure game XYLITH – Hostile Planet is available now to pre-order ahead of its full release later this week.

XYLITH is a retro-style game that draws on traditional elements from the role-playing game genre, such as gradual level progression, questing, crafting, weapon systems, armour customisation, pets, and equipment upgrades. Procedually-generated content include fauna, flora, towns, and terrain.

The game’s soundtrack, composed by chiptune producer Coda, comprises 12 tracks of electronic music and is set for release on 6th March. The album’s eponymous opening track clocks in at just under 11 minutes and is available now for streaming.

“The key feature of the soundtrack is an 11-minute-long experience that takes listeners through all the soundtrack layers,” reads the press release. “Each soundtrack layer is also included separately for a more customizable listening experience along with music for the collectible music discs found throughout the game.”

In-game disc locations have been shared by the developer in the game’s guide section on Steam.

Coda has also composed the soundtrack to numerous other video games including puzzle adventure Grave Danger, platformer Alter Ego: Dreamwalker, and the metroidvania game Omega Strike.

The XYLITH soundtrack will be available for purchase from digital stores such as Bandcamp, Google Play, and iTunes, as well streaming services including Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, and TIDAL.

XYLITH – Hostile Planet is developed by Daniel Gill and will be released on 7th March for Windows.