Kicking off March’s DLC.

This week’s downloadable content update for Rock Band 4 consists of two songs: one by A Day to Remember and the other by Fake Problems.

The following songs will be available from 5th March:

  • A Day to Remember – “Sticks & Bricks”
  • Fake Problems – “5678”

Tracks can be bought individually.

The descriptions below are taken from this week’s release notes:

Fans of A Day to Remember – rejoice! “Sticks & Bricks” will be available in the Rock Band Music Store this week. “Sticks & Bricks” is the first track off of their fourth studio album, What Separates Me From You, which released in 2010. According to the band, each song on that album follows the theme of coming into your own and knowing yourself best. “Sticks & Bricks” starts the album off strong and heavy, packing the punch we all love and expect from A Day to Remember. Grab your crew and show off your vocal chops with one of A Day to Remember’s catchiest choruses.

Fake Problems were an indie rock band from Naples, Florida. Hailing from their third studio album, Real Ghosts Caught On Tape, “5678” is a super high energy song with a chorus that you’ll be happily singing along to for days to come. Grab the whole band and groove along to this bouncy track. No matter what your instrument of choice is, you’ll be in for a fun challenge with Fake Problems’ “5678.”

For a better idea of the songs’ pacing and structure, watch the latest DLC trailer (embedded below).

Rock Band 4 is developed and published by Harmonix for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.