A six-pack bundle is also available.

For a limited time only, pre-orders for various video game soundtracks on cassette tapes are available from Yetee Records – this is a timed sale which the music label is calling Cassette Fest.

From now until midnight CST on 23rd February (06:00 GMT), the soundtracks to surreal role-playing game She Dreams Elsewhere, puzzle game GNOG, top-down adventure game Anodyne and its sequel Anodyne 2: Return to Dust, and 3D platformer A Hat in Time can be pre-ordered from The Yetee website – after which these items will no longer be available to order.

The A Hat in Time cassette includes 22 select tracks from the full soundtrack composed by the game’s sound designer Pascal Michael Stiefel.

The music from both Anodyne games (composed by Melos Han-Tani) have been consolidated into a double-cassette box set.

The soundtrack to She Dreams Elsewhere, composed by singer-songwriter Mimi Page, also features Michaela and Josie on the tracks “New Moon” and “idk how to b cool // identity crisis”, respectively.

The GNOG cassette contains the soundtrack composed by Marskye and includes additional songwriting by the game’s audio director Omar Dabbous.

All cassettes come with download codes for their respective digital soundtracks; the cassettes are expected to ship this April.

Also part of the cassette line-up is the Can Say EP by music duo Nice Legs. If all cassettes are purchased with the 6-pack bundle, Yette Records is throwing in the Yetee Records Mixtape 1 cassette for free (there is no download code for the mixtape).