Pre-orders for limited CD and vinyl editions also available.

In celebrating the 20th anniversary of role-playing game Chrono Cross, music label Materia Collective has announced the release of its tribute album, Parallelus, composed and arranged by David Peacock.

Parallelus, a name that appears to allude to the idea of parallel universes – one of the main themes in Chrono Cross, is a seven-track orchestral reinterpretation of Yasunori Mitsuda‘s original video game soundtrack featuring woodwind and string instruments, percussion, and piano compositions.

“I wanted to celebrate the music of Chrono Cross in a way that fans deserve, while also getting the opportunity to collaborate and feature some of my favourite musicians,” said Peacock via a press release.

The album also features performances by Laura Intravia, Kristin Naigus, Peter Anthony Smith, Doug Perry, and Augustine Mayuga Gonzales, as well as the Parallelus String Orchestra, The Hit Points, and the Videri String Quartet.

“It was important to me that each musician got a chance to showcase their own personality, so there are many opportunities for improvisation throughout the album,” Peacock said. “The album is full of nods to the Chrono series and characters within that I think will be exciting for people to discover.”

Parallelus is available now digitally from outlets such as Bandcamp and Google Play, and streaming services including Spotify and TIDAL.

Limited editions of Parallelus on CD and vinyl, with only 300 and 500 copies available, respectively, can be pre-ordered from Peacock’s Bandcamp listing. These are expected to ship in January 2020.

Peacock has also composed arrangements for such albums including Eidolon, Hero of Time, and Johto Legends, as well as the piano collections of Undertale music.

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