Pressed on standard black and limited edition yellow vinyl.

Following a tease on social media, music label Laced Records has announced that it is bringing more Resident Evil music to vinyl.

The soundtrack to survival horror game Resident Evil 0, composed by Seiko Kobuchi and the Capcom Sound Team, has been pressed on vinyl and can be pre-ordered from the Laced Records website.

Resident Evil 0 soundtrack vinyl yellow
The limited yellow edition. (Picture credit: Laced Records.)

Two colourways are available: standard black and the limited edition yellow.

The music is straight from the original GameCube version of the game and has been remastered for this double-vinyl release. The soundtrack comprises 70 tracks and is expected to ship in January 2020.

Laced Records has previously released the soundtracks to the remake of Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2 on vinyl – at the time of writing, both limited editions have sold out but copies of the standard editions are still available.