“Join the Pac.”

Pac-Man – title character of the popular maze arcade game franchise – is about to turn 40 in 2020 and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment has brand partnerships, music, and worldwide events planned all year around.

Japanese techno DJ and producer Ken Ishii has also composed the official Pac-Man 40th anniversary theme song called “Join the Pac” (music video embedded below).

Pac-Man was first released on 22nd May, 1980 for arcade machines and since then, numerous ports and sequels have been released for a variety of computers and consoles.

“Everyone at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment is extremely proud and excited to celebrate 40 years of PAC-MAN, not just a video game icon, but a true cultural icon,” said Chris Gilbert, Senior Vice President of Sales and General Manager at Bandai Namco Entertainment America via a press release.

“2020 will be a monumental year as we celebrate PAC-MAN’s birthday all year long with ground-breaking brand partnerships, a new theme song, and engaging events around the globe,” he said.

For more information on festivities and activities that are planned for 2020, head over to the official Pac-Man website at https://www.pacman.com.