Artists spent time with the game prior to writing music for it.

Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that it has partnered with RCA Records (a music label owned by Sony Music Entertainment) to release the soundtrack to upcoming action game Death Stranding.

The soundtrack album is called Death Stranding: Timefall, a reference to the in-game phenomenon in which rain has a mysterious time-related effect on what it makes contact with.

Developer Kojima Productions and SIE both sought out artists and musicians from a range of genres whose music fell in line with some of the pivotal themes of the game. Each artist on the album spent time with the publisher and got to experience Death Stranding’s story in order to come up with their own interpretations of “connection, love, loss, and rebirth.”

Scottish synth-pop band CHVRCHES spent some time with Hideo Kojima at Kojima Productions and were inspired to write an original song (embedded below).

The Death Stranding: Timefall soundtrack album features:

Kojima took to Twitter and clarified that the song “Death Stranding” will be used as the game’s ending theme.

Developed by Kojima Productions and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Death Stranding will be released on 8th November exclusively for PlayStation 4.