Composed by Dale North.

Scarlet Moon Records has announced that the soundtrack to the third-person puzzle-adventure The Long Return is available now ahead of the game’s release.

Developed by Max Nielsen, The Long Return tells the coming-of-age story behind an orphaned cub as he retraces the last journey he took with his mother. Players will be gathering crystals and solving puzzles along the way as the cub reaches adulthood.

The soundtrack to The Long Return is composed by Dale North, who also composed the music for indie roguelike game Wizard of Legend and recently contributed to the soundtrack to co-operative beat ’em up game River City Girls.

The Long Return came along at a time where I was really feeling the need to express myself musically so I was grateful for the chance,” North said. “I was immediately taken by its story, adventurous spirit, and emotional range, so I knew it was the perfect opportunity for that expression.”

The Long Return’s soundtrack is available now digitally from Amazon Music, Bandcamp, Google Play, and iTunes, as well as streaming services including Deezer, Apple Music, Napster, Spotify, and TIDAL.

North added: “Big, sweeping melodies and heavy thematic work expressed through strings, piano, and woodwinds tell the story of this cub’s journey over the course of the game, incorporating adventure, sorrow, joy, fondness, determination, and more. Writing this soundtrack took me through those emotions as well, making this a very personal, important work for me.”

The Long Return is set for release on 2nd October for Windows.