Set for release this October.

The next instalment in the Let’s Sing karaoke series is set for launch this October and developer Voxler along with publisher Ravenscourt have unveiled the international tracklist ahead of the game’s release.

Let’s Sing 2020 has a ‘Classic’ and ‘Feat.’ mode wherein players can perform to earn high and compatibility scores, respectively. Players can also challenge one another online via the ‘World Contest’ mode or locally in four-player multiplayer.

The ‘Mix Tape 2.0’ mode will allow players to get creative by mixing different song extracts together. Mixes are dynamically generated in order to provide some variety. Players looking to chill out can enter the ‘Jukebox’ mode and let the music just play.

‘Let’s Party’ is a new feature that supports eight players and two teams with game modes being randomly selected.

The international tracklist includes:

A Let’s Sing microphone app will allow players to use their smartphone as a microphone for gameplay.

PlayStation 4 players can opt to use up to four smartphones, a combination of two USB microphones and two headsets, or two USB and two SingStar microphones.

Players on Nintendo Switch can use a maximum of four smartphones or a combination of two USB microphones and a headset.

Let’s Sing 2020 is scheduled for release on 25th October for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The game will be available for purchase as a standalone game and a one- or two-microphone bundle.