Electronic dance music courtesy of Monstercat partnership.

Australian indie developer Super Spin Digital has an upcoming rhythm game that’s about to enter early access on Steam.

Spin Rhythm XD treads the same path as most games in the genre: task the player with landing accurate hits to the rhythm of the music. As difficulty increases, additional actions such as sustaining notes and ‘free-spinning’ will be required in order to progress.

Aside from mouse and keyboard controls, players will also have the option of using a range of supported MIDI DJ controllers. The game’s website includes a MIDI configuration guide for setting up external devices.

15 music tracks will be available to play when Spin Rhythm XD enters early access on Steam for macOS and Windows starting 22nd October.

Super Spin Digital has partnered with music label Monstercat to bring some of the latter’s artists on board to contribute music to the game – artists including Hyper PotionsPanda Eyes, Pegboard NerdsNitro Fun, Tokyo Machine, and Tristam. The label has also made contributions to other video game soundtracks, for example, Rocket League and Beat Saber.

Other musicians that will feature on Spin Rhythm XD’s soundtrack include 2Mello, Anomalie, Birocratic, Braken, DaverwobDouglas Holmquist, Droptek, FarfetchD, F.O.O.L., Kitty, Phonetic Hero, Rogue, seejay, Subtact, Maxo, Opiuo, Terminite, and Tut Tut Child.

In the gameplay trailer embedded below, the track “Highscore” by Panda Eyes & Terminite is showcased with keyboard and mouse controls set up as the method of input.

Spin Rhythm XD is also scheduled for a Nintendo Switch release in 2020. The game will utilise the console’s touchscreen, Joy-Con, and motion controls.

When the Nintendo Switch version of the game launches, it will feature twice the amount of songs available compared to the Steam Early Access release, which will be brought up to par with a version 1.0 update.