“Know Thy Score” preview.

Erica is a live-action interactive thriller developed by Flavourworks and composer Austin Wintory has shared a video preview of the game’s soundtrack (embedded below), showing some behind-the-scenes footage of various recording sessions.

“ERICA is a game unlike any I’ve ever worked on, or indeed ever played,” Wintory explained. “[Studio director] Jack Attridge’s goal to truly marry the cinematic with the interactive was ambitious to say the least, but from the moment I saw the earliest glimpse of it I knew I had to be involved.”

As detailed in the video description, Wintory noted how the game’s soundtrack is perhaps one of the more “technically complex scores” he’s written in his career.

“I underestimated how challenging it would be to simultaneously juggle all the demands of both of film and game,” he said. “The result is probably among the most technically complex scores I’ve yet written. Hopefully that fact is hidden by the wonderful musicianship though; the amazing soloists brought so much dark and Romantic weight to it all.

“As a side note, special mention must go to actress Holly Earl, whose portrayal of Erica was a privilege to underscore.”

Erica is out now exclusively for PlayLink on PlayStation 4 and a companion app can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore. (Watch the launch trailer here.)

The game’s soundtrack is currently available to purchase from Wintory’s Bandcamp page.