Daniel Pellicer’s 8-bit soundtrack on functional cartridges.

Along with the double-CD release, First Press Games has announced the original 8-bit soundtrack to side-scrolling action game A Hole New World will also be available in a range of retro-style game cartridges.

Composed by lead developer at indie studio Mad Gear Games, Daniel Pellicer, the original 8-bit soundtrack to A Hole New World comes in a range of NES/Famicom functional cartridges that work in their respective consoles.

The three region variants are: American, European, and Japanese. There are only 500 copies of each variant.

The soundtrack cartridges come with authentic cardboard packaging and a manual-style 12-page book. American and European variants will be packed with a polybag, dust sleeve, and a polystyrene foam block. Japanese cartridges will come with the polybag and a plastic inlay.

Pre-orders will be available from the First Press Games website later this week in two rounds to give customers in different time zones a fair chance of securing an order:

  • 10pm CEST (9pm BST) Thursday, 18th July
  • 10am CEST (9am BST) Saturday, 20th July

The 8-bit soundtrack cartridges are expected to ship by the middle of September.