The shoot ’em up is getting a western release.

Following its Japanese release earlier this month, shoot ’em up Radirgy Swag will also be released in Europe and the United States this autumn.

Radigy Swag is a shooter game wherein players control a ship that’s equipped with guns as well as a sword. With the ability to attack enemies from all angles, players will have to be adept at using offensive and defensive techniques. Filling the Absonet gauge will grant players with temporary invincibility.

A Japanese trailer for Radirgy Swag on Nintendo Switch showing gameplay mechanics:

Published by Dispatch Games, physical editions of Radirgy Swag for Nintendo Switch are available to pre-order now exclusively at The City Dispatch Online Store with shipping expected on 15th October.

The standard edition is just a standalone copy of the game.

The limited edition includes a copy of the game, an original art book, a 180g soundtrack vinyl with a custom cover, and a custom coin. This edition will not be available at retail.