Play the rhythm game for free with ads.

Developer Life Zero has announced a free edition of its rhythm game Sonar Beat which was released earlier this year.

Sonar Beat Lite is available now with ads on Android and iOS. This lite edition contains new content and the in-agme tutorial has been revamped based on user feedback.

The original Sonar Beat won the ‘Best Indie Mobile Game’ award at VLC Indie Summit ’19 which encouraged the development team to continue work on the game while adding improvements.

“Winning that award gave us even more faith in our game, so we decided to give it a slight revamp, fix some bugs here and there and release a free-with-ads version for everyone to enjoy,” said Miguel Vallés, project lead and programmer at Life Zero.

While a lot of rhythm games have players hitting the beats along a linear play area, Sonar Beat (Lite) is different in that the notes are moving on a spiral path. Any beats that are missed will continue to travel towards the centre; should they reach the centre it’s game over.

The game features 12 different tracks with an underwater theme. The levels are procedural with rhythm and randomness balanced to make songs different with every playthrough.

Sonar Beat Lite is available now for Android and iOS devices.