“… a collaborative effort between three composers.”

Through a partnership between music label Scarlet Moon Productions and developer Devespresso Games, the soundtrack to roguelike fantasy-adventure game Vambrace: Cold Soul is available now.

The soundtrack, led by Hyunho Kim with co-composers Hakyung Kim and Sungwoo Hwang, is a mixture of folk-style tracks, stringed choral pieces, and grand orchestral compositions.

The album is mixed and mastered by Norihiko Hibino – whose music credits include numerous Metal Gear Solid titles and both Bayonetta games – alongside SP3CK (of SAM&SP3CK).

Elsewhere on the soundtrack is an EDM song called “Golden Skies” by KINO which features Emi Evans, singer-songwriter of Nier, My Brother Rabbit, and Legrand Legacy.

“The Vambrace: Cold Soul Original Game Soundtrack sprung from a collaborative effort between three composers,” explained lead composer Hyunho Kim. “The result is a collection of tracks that captures the haunting quality of the game’s atmosphere of Gothic fantasy. Its sounds range from the hopeful, warmth of the Lost Lady Inn, to the icy energy of ‘Flight of the Sorceress,’ and is finally topped off with ‘Golden Skies,’ featuring the ethereal voice of Emi Evans.”

The soundtrack to Vambrace: Cold Soul is available now from digital outlets such as Amazon, Bandcamp, and iTunes/Apple Music, as well as streaming services including Deezer, Spotify, and TIDAL.