Learn about the adaptive nature of the game’s sound systems.

Remedy Entertainment has put out its latest development diary which takes a look at the sound design of its upcoming supernatural, action-adventure game Control.

Episode 7 in the video series, titled “Behind the Sounds“, discusses the craftsmanship behind Control’s approach to sound.

Composer Martin Stig Andersen spoke about the differences between composing for games compared to more linear media like films and how the former has to react to player actions.

Fellow composer Petri Alanko added: “Because without it you’re basically are just wandering alone in a space where nothing is really touching you from the inside.”

The main antagonist in Control is an otherworldly entity known as the Hiss, and through resonance, is able to travel between dimensions, consuming and corrupting any matter that gets in its way.

“One of my earliest thoughts was to represent this [sense of danger] by somehow distorting the tuning of the sounds or the harmonic overtones, and whatnot,” Alanko said.

The developers also spoke about how they had access to each other’s ‘work-in-progress’ on shared servers which they used as sources of inspiration for what they were working on.

Be sure to watch the development diary in its entirety to learn some more about the in-game music system and how  it essentially ‘recomposes’ sounds to minimise repetition for the player.

“We could create this seamless mesh of sound that could be transformed from one emotion to another fluently,” said Ville Sorsa, senior sound designer at Remedy Entertainment. “Everything’s super smooth and we’re super proud of it.”

Control is scheduled for release on 27th August for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows.