The Heart’s Desire premium edition.

Pre-orders for the puzzle-platformer game Catherine: Full Body are available now.

Catherine: Full Body has a few differences over the original game which came out back in 2011. This remastered tale features new story branches, a new central character called Rin, new music, multiplayer options, and more than twice the amount of puzzles than the original Catherine.

A new Remix Mode adds linked blocks to levels that were once familiar and understood. These blocks will require players to tackle the levels with a different approach, using new strategies and techniques.

The full main voice cast of the original game will be making their return in Catherine: Full Body. That’s Troy Baker as Vincent, Laura Bailey as Catherine, and Michelle Ruff as Katherine. Brianna Knickerbocker makes her introduction as the new character, Rin.

The launch edition of the game comes in a limited edition metal case, whereas the premium Heart’s Desire edition includes a few extras: a hardcover art book, soundtrack CD, a sheep plush toy, the aforementioned metal case, and a collector’s box that houses everything.

Digital pre-orders include a static theme.

Catherine: Full Body will be released on 3rd September for PlayStation 4.