Pre-orders come with a special CD.

Thanks to a new partnership between publishers PM Studios and Numskull Games, rhythm game Cytus α will be getting a retail release in Europe for the Nintendo Switch.

Developed by Taiwanese studio Rayark Games, Cytus α is the first title in this new deal with more to come as Numskull Games will be handling all future titles from PM Studios for the European region.

Cytus α contains over 200 songs, some from the original Cytus game that was developed for mobile platforms, while others are new tracks created for this ‘alpha’ edition.

The game includes a new UI for song selection and a Diary Mode to navigate through the numerous storylines. Players can also participate in online score battles with each other.

Pre-orders of the game will include a music CD featuring tracks from Chapter Ω.

The physical release of Cytus α will also be available to purchase from the Numskull Games website.

Cytus α is currently available as a digital download for Nintendo Switch.