A video message from the bilingual voice actress.

With the release of Japanese party game Nippon Marathon coming up in a couple of weeks, the makers of the game have put out a video message that introduces fans to Diana Garnet – a J-pop singer who’s featured on the soundtrack.

Onion Soup Interactive, the developer of Nippon Marathon, describes the game as a cross between retro racer¬†Micro Machines and wacky TV game show Takeshi’s Castle.

Garnet, who has a song called “Hyper Love Racing (Japanese Edition)” in the game, joked: “I mean, it’s got old men in sailing uniforms, lobster dudes, mini-games, bowling, racing, story mode, just absolutely everything. Including the kitchen sink, probably. Yeah, I think there’s probably a kitchen sink.”

Originally from Washington D.C. and now based in Tokyo, Garnet worked as an English teacher before taking part in a singing contest on NTV’s Nodojiman the World, in which she won and went on to build her career.

Garnet sang “Spinning World”¬†which was used as the outro for anime series Naruto Shippuden and “Thank You for the Music”, the ending theme to animated-comedy Meow Meow Japanese History.

Outside of singing, Garnet works as a bilingual voice actress. She also hosts shows on TV and radio.

Nippon Marathon is currently available on Steam through Early Access, with a full release on 17th December for Windows, macOS, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. The Xbox One release will come a day later on 18th December.