Collector’s Edition of the game includes double vinyl, CD, and more.

Developer Caged Element and publisher Wired Productions have announced that Hospital Records, among other labels, have licensed a selection of drum & bass tracks to be used on the soundtrack to upcoming arcade-combat racing game GRIP: Combat Racing.

The soundtrack to GRIP: Combat Racing features 24 tracks, some of which have been licensed from London-based drum & bass label Hospital Records:

  • Battery x Makoto – “Submerge”
  • Krakota x Urbandawn – “Coyote”
  • Inja x Pete Cannon – “War Games (Instrumental)”
  • Krakota – “Citadels”
  • Royalston – “Diorama”
  • Rawtekk – “Restless”
  • Whiney – “Sunday Grunge”
  • Whiney – “Talisman”
  • Lynx – “Clap Track”
  • S.P.Y. – “Midnight Blue”

Watch the soundtrack spotlight trailer here.

The aforementioned tracks from Hospital Records are just some of the music featured on the GRIP: Combat Racing soundtrack. Other tracks include:

  • Entita – “Can’t Wait”
  • Full Kontakt – “Cyborg”
  • Full Kontakt – “Blackout”
  • Full Kontakt – “Clock Watch”
  • Full Kontakt – “Power Train”
  • Full Kontakt – “The Creeper”
  • Imperium – “Cerbera”
  • Kevin Green Lee – “GRIP”
  • Mart-E – “Boost Empire”
  • Pragmatic – “Going Down”
  • Revaux – “Solidify”
  • Silence Groove – “Reconnect”
  • Xtigma – “Crash City”

The Collector’s Edition of GRIP: Combat Racing comes with a copy of the game, double vinyl/CD/digital download soundtrack, three 12″ double-sided art prints, a classic game manual and lorebook, 8GB GRIP USB drive, exclusive DLC (Nyvoss Hex Paint Kit, Vortex Rims and Vehicle Decals,) GRIP sick bag, vehicle decals, and a numbered card of authenticity.

This limited Collector’s Edition is available to pre-order from the Wired Productions website – only 500 are being produced with 300 of those available for general sale.

GRIP: Combat Racing is available now through Early Access on Steam, with a full release on 6th November for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.