Polyphonic LP’s debut title makes the jump from mobile to desktop.

The musical puzzler from indie developer Polyphonic LP is out now for desktop computers and it’s a game that mixes Sokoban gameplay elements with the functionality of a music sequencer.

Resynth sees players gliding across a coloured grid while solving puzzles in order to restore the level’s music. The overall puzzle comprises different elements of the musical composition, i.e., the drums, synth, and bass.

Polyphonic LP is a small development team made up of Andy Trevillian and Sam Izzo – a couple of veteran game developers who met in the mid-00s while working on de Blob for THQ’s now-defunct Blue Tongue Entertainment.

After the studio closed down in 2011, the pair formed their own, co-founding Polyphonic LP in 2016 with funding from Film Victoria – an Australian state government agency that provides assistance to film, TV, and digital media sectors.

“As both musicians and gamedevs, we wanted Resynth to sound great as well as look cool and engage players,” explained Trevillian.

Resynth consists of 72 levels with as many accompanying unique electronic music tracks. Izzo noted the importance of music, both inside and outside of the game, and how he didn’t want to the puzzle design to undermine the soundtrack.

“I’m a jazz pianist,” said Izzo. “Music is a big part of my life, so I was never going to be satisfied with tracks that were just ‘okay’.”

Originally released for iOS in 2017, Resynth is now also available for Windows and macOS – with added new features like Steam achievements and a level editor.

“It was always the plan to release to Steam though,” explained Izzo. “We wanted to take the time to craft a desktop-specific experience and build a level editor that gives players the chance to create their own tricky puzzles and craft sweet loops with our big beats and analogue synths.”

“If you give yourself over to it, the journey towards each puzzle solution becomes like a symphony,” added Trevillian.