“Face My Fears” set for release early next year.

Kingdom Hearts singer-songwriter Hikaru Utada has partnered up with DJ-producer Skrillex in co-writing the opening theme song for upcoming action role-playing game Kingdom Hearts III.

Skrillex originally intended to remix a Utada track called “Don’t Think Twice” but as things developed, the pair eventually ended up co-writing an original piece of music for the game’s opening theme, titled “Face My Fears.”

Skrillex and Poo Bear photo
(Picture credit: Square Enix.)

“Face My Fears,” produced in collaboration with Poo Bear, will be released on 18th January as a CD single with B-sides “Don’t Think Twice” and “Chikai” – “Face My Fears” and “Chikai” will both release in Japanese and English with the latter also serving as the ending theme for Kingdom Hearts III.

This will be Utada’s first CD single in over a decade since the release of “Prisoner of Love” back in 2008.

Developed and published by Square Enix, Kingdom Hearts III will be released on 29th January for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.