Available in Japanese and English dubs.

Japanese developer and publisher Arc System Works is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and has released a downloadable song and accompanying music video for the occasion.

The “Arc System Works 30th Anniversary Theme Song” is composed by Arc System Works Chief Creative Officer and Guilty Gears series creator Daisuke Ishiwatari, with arrangements from Norichika Sato.

The lyrics are written by Ishiwatari and Guilty Gear series director Takeshi Yamanaka, with contributions from the Arc System Works staff members.

Fans can download the “Arc System Works 30th Anniversary Theme Song” from the Arc System Works website.

You can watch the Japanese music video here…

… or the English version here.

“In order to commemorate the 30th anniversary, we created something that will find a home in the hall of fame and peoples’ hearts,” reads the music video description. “While our main business is in developing games, we hope this video may put a smile on some faces.”