A couple of recent chart singles.

The last Rock Band 4 downloadable content update for the month will be here in a couple of days, bringing with it two recently released singles from a couple of American rock bands.

Available from Thursday, 26th July, the DLC tracks for this week are:

  • Thirty Seconds to Mars – “Rescue Me”
  • Walk the Moon – “Kamikaze”

Taken from the release notes:

Thirty Seconds To Mars returns from a five-year hiatus with their latest album America, featuring the hit single “Rescue Me”. The song combines elements from pop, rock, and dance music by mixing electronics and samples with guitar riffs to compliment lead singer Jared Leto’s powerful vocals. “Rescue Me” debuted a week prior of their album’s release, however Leto performed an earlier version of the song in a 2012 documentary about the band. In less than a month, the music video for the track has raked in almost 20 million views, while the song itself charted on Billboard’s Hot Rock chart. An eclectic mix of 808’s certainly shakes things up and ensures variation for drums, while chord changings on guitar call for precise fingerings if you’re looking to achieve 5-star status.
Thirty Seconds To Mars is currently in the midst of their international Monolith Tour. For more information about the band and for tour dates near you be sure to visit www.thirtysecondstomars.com/tour
Off their fourth album What If Nothing, comes Walk The Moon’s current single “Kamikaze”. The song features synths and drum machines paired with a clean guitar track which blend together to make for an irresistible hit. “Kamikaze” also marks the fifth Walk The Moon track to hit the Top 10 on the Alternative chart. Frontman Nicholas Petricca’s soulful singing is sure to give the vocalist a run for their money, while the guitar’s laid-back groove sets the tone for the song. However, its screaming melody shines throughout the chorus giving the guitarist the opportunity to shred.
Be sure to check out Walk The Moon live on their Press Restart Tour when it comes to your town – visit http://www.walkthemoonband.com/ for tour info, music and more!

Tracks can be purchased individually and for the first two weeks of release, “Rescue Me” and “Kamikaze” will cost $1.49 each. After the two-week promotion period, they can be bought for $1.99 each.

To get an idea of the songs’ pace and structure, watch the DLC update video below.