Exclusively on PlayStation VR until next year.

As announced on the PlayStation Blog, a collaboration between Sony Music UK’s 4th Floor Creative, and Worldwide Studios is bringing music artist Tom Grennan to PlayStation VR in a two-song set performed at Metropolis Studios in London.

Backed by a three-piece band, the singer will be performing “Royal Highness” and “Found What I’ve Been Looking For” – two tracks taken from his debut album Lighting Matches.

This experience will utilise Dynamic Eye Contact technology, making it seem as though the singer is looking directly at the spectator.

Tom Grennan VR will be released on 27th July for free.

As you can see in the behind-the-scenes video below, the movement of each performer was tracked by their own 3D camera. Ian Bickerstaff, Director of Sony’s Immersive Video Technology, also spoke about the different stages of capturing and processing the performances and turning them into the final product.

Tom Grennan VR will be available exclusively on PlayStation VR until 27th January, 2019.

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