“… we are discussing a variety of developments.”

As part of Nintendo’s 78th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, a Q&A session was held where company executives were asked if there were plans to release more video game soundtracks.

Citing the recent release of Kirby music albums, a question was asked on whether Nintendo was planning to release other soundtracks, adding that rarer albums could potentially be sold at a higher price point.

“Under our policy of making more active use of Nintendo IP, including game music, we are discussing a variety of developments,” said Director, Managing Executive Officer Shinya Takahashi. “However, we are not able to make all content available due to various factors and circumstances. I hope you will understand that it is difficult to explain on this occasion what we can and cannot do.”

Representative Director Shigeru Miyamoto described game music as “one of the pillars of [Nintendo’s] content” and cited another IP that had music released, however, did not elaborate on whether more releases would follow.

“Nintendo has taken another look at the content we own,” Miyamoto said. “Especially since video games have been made more widely available for play on smart devices. Game music is one of the pillars of our content, so we released on iTunes some songs from Super Mario Odyssey, for example, for everyone to listen to.”