Hiraki’s story will continue.

Mobile rhythm game Arcaea will be getting an update next week that includes various in-game content.

Hikari, one of the main characters, will see a continuation of her storyline in the upcoming version 1.7 update. Her new song pack, called Luminous Sky, includes five new thematic songs.

Three additional songs are also available for free when unlocked in-game in World Mode via the newly-added Chapter 3. World Mode is where a player chooses a chapter, map, and then plays the song to progress and eventually unlock new songs, as well as in-game currency and partner characters.

World Mode will be getting a couple of new features. Legacy Chapters will allow players to play through the first part of World Mode at a faster pace while using additional stamina and Fragments to improve results.

There will also be new types of steps to land on, for example, random song steps and bonus stamina steps.

Players’ friends list will also be expanded, allowing for more than 10 to be added.

Here’s the preview trailer for the new Luminous Sky story pack, scheduled for release on 16th July.

Arcaea is available from the App Store, and Google Play.