Open for pre-orders now.

Development studio Motion Twin is collaborating with record label Laced Records in releasing the soundtrack to Dead Cells on vinyl.

The Dead Cells deluxe double vinyl is pressed on 180g transparent orange and violet vinyl. This limited release comes in a deluxe gatefold sleeve.

This double vinyl edition includes 15 tracks by Dead Cells composer Yoann Laulan. The full tracklisting is as follows:

Disc 1 side A

  • Prisoner’s Awakening
  • Promenade of the Condemned
  • Rooftops

Disc 1 side B

  • Dead Cells
  • The Merchant
  • Collector
  • The Village
  • The Crypt

Disc 2 side A

  • Black Bridge
  • The Temple
  • Clocktower
  • Formally Known As Assassin

Disc 2 side B

  • Tail Peak Castle
  • Hand of the King
  • Credits

Pre-orders are available from the Laced Records website. The release has a shipping date scheduled for September.

The soundtrack can also be purchased from Bandcamp and composer Laulan has made it possible to buy it on cassette tape too. Note: the whole soundtrack will not fit on the tape in its entirety so several tracks have been omitted for this format, though changes to the track selection can be made.

The release dates for the physical versions of Dead Cells were recently announced. The game’s soundtrack is also available as a double CD that’s included in the Signature Edition of the game.