Different musical styles and levels of difficulty.

PM Studios has shared three more videos of upcoming rhythm game MUSYNX ahead of its North American release next month.

The latest tracks to demonstrate the game’s difficulty modes include a classical piece for beginners, a piano composition for intermediate players, and an upbeat dance tune for advanced players.

Pachelbel – “Canon in D” | Easy Mode | 4 Keys | Level 2 | Speed 1.0

Luna Safari – “Distant Time” | Hard Mode | 6 Keys | Level 4 | Speed 2.0

P4koo – “Far Away” | Hard Mode | 6 Keys | Level 8 | Speed 4.0

The game features over 90 songs for players to tap along to and PM Studios has said information about downloadable content will soon be announced. An interesting thing to take away from the MUSYNX features trailer is that players will apparently be able to “download free music updates forever.”

MUSYNX will be out in North America 19th June for the Nintendo Switch. The first 5000 retail copies of the game will include a limited edition box cover featuring Chinese vocaloid idol Stardust. Once these are gone, retail copies will come with the standard packaging; alternatively, the game can be bought from the Nintendo eShop.

The game will also be available digitally on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita with PM Studios working with Limited Run Games in releasing limited physical copies of MUSYNX on the PlayStation platforms.

A European release is planned but has yet to be officially announced.