The God game just had its 5th birthday.

Reus is a 2D God game developed by Abbey Games and was originally released in 2013 – the debut release from the independent Dutch studio.

Since then it’s been put out on several gaming clients, eventually making its way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, too. Total worldwide sales of the game have surpassed 1 million and in celebration of this achievement, as well as the game’s 5th anniversary, the game’s soundtrack has been remastered and available now.

The studio has announced that Reus Original Soundtrack has been fixed up by producer and sound designer Joni van der Leeuw, and includes a couple of bonus tracks.

The 25-track album is now available from Steam, iTunes/Apple Music, and Spotify. It can also be bought from Bandcamp but it doesn’t include “Sound Palette Demo” or “Prosperity Theme” (Chiptune Remix).

Patch 1.6 has also been rolled out for the game, adding an “Unlock All” option, small bug-fixes and rebalancing, and an FNA build of the game to fix memory issues. The following is taken from the release notes:

  • An “Unlock All” option in the Free Mode of the game. This gives you the option to be able to create all possible resources, without having to hunt for achievements. So you can go crazy deep and take your time, even in your first play-through.
  • A lot of small bug-fixes and rebalancing to improve the overall quality of gameplay. See the patch notes for more info on these.
  • Some Abbey Games festivities and community information in the main menu.
  • An FNA build of the game on Windows, that fixes memory issues and corresponding crashes on 64bit versions of Windows. This build is still in beta, but if you suffer from said memory issues and crashes, feel free to switch to the special FNA-version branch to see if that fixes your problems.

Reus is available from Steam, GOG, as well as for PS4, and Xbox One.