Coming to Xbox One later this month.

Indie developer Appnormals Team‘s pixel-art adventure game STAY has launched on Steam.

STAY is described by its developer as a conversational adventure game where players are in contact with a man who finds himself trapped and alone. Spread across 24 chapters, the story has the potential to branch off into seven different endings.

With mini-game puzzles and unlockable items and locations, things will occur in real-time, meaning time spent away from the game is as relevant as that spent in it. Not only will the character’s behaviour change, so will his state of mind.

Composed by Kai Engel, STAY’s soundtrack features classical compositions to complement the atmospheric tone of the game. The original soundtrack is available from Steam, which can also be purchased as part of the game bundle.

Appnormals Team has uploaded one of the tracks, titled “Foregone” to its YouTube channel which you can listen to here:

The full tracklisting is as follows:

  1. Glimmer (05:25)
  2. Stay With Me (06:46)
  3. Are You There (04:51)
  4. Hourglass (04:44)
  5. Transitional Spaces (04:34)
  6. Lost And Found (03:37)
  7. Solitude (00:49)
  8. The Last Room (05:51)
  9. Exoneration (00:46)
  10. Foregone (06:32)

The game is available now on Steam (for Windows and macOS) and scheduled for an Xbox One release on 30th May. You can watch the launch trailer below.

For more information, please head over to the official game site.