ROCKFISH Games’ debut title about to land on PlayStation 4.

The Stellar Edition of 3D space shooter Everspace is now available to pre-order at the PlayStation Store.

The bundle includes the game, the Encounters expansion DLC, the Everspace soundtrack, a dynamic PlayStation 4 menu theme, and the pre-order exclusive Concept Art Theme. PlayStation Plus members will also get a 20% discount.

The menu theme comes with animated wallpapers, background music, as well as custom icons and sounds. The soundtrack packs a lot of music into the bundle – more than 60 tracks, that is. That’s over three hours of music.

Everspace is the debut game from German developer ROCKFISH Games and development got off to a good start when the Kickstarter campaign raised over €420,000.

Everspace is already available to buy on Xbox One, Windows, Steam and GOG.

Everspace: Stellar Edition is out for PlayStation 4 on 22nd May.